1912 Halifax Pat George & Helen

1912 Halifax Pat George & Helen.jpg

1914 William Thomas Murphy

1914 William Thomas Murphy.jpg

Ann Mills 2

Ann Mills 2.jpg



Bianconi sisters

Bianconi sisters.jpg

Calpi Hunt 1917 a

Calpi Hunt 1917 a.jpg

Calpi Hunt 1917 b

Calpi Hunt 1917 b.jpg



George & Co Queenstown 1911

George & Co Queenstown 1911.jpg

George & Horse Gibraltar

George & Horse Gibraltar.jpg

George Ann & Family

George Ann & Family.jpg

George Ann & Family 2

George Ann & Family 2.jpg

George Mills

George Mills.jpg

George, Ann & friend

George, Ann & friend.jpg

Gib or Spain 1916

Gib or Spain 1916.jpg



Helen & George

Helen & George.jpg

Helen (Moosey) Bianconi

Helen (Moosey) Bianconi.jpg

JJ & Horse Gib & Spain 1916

JJ & Horse Gib & Spain 1916.jpg

JJ & Maud

JJ & Maud.jpg

JJ Maud & group

JJ Maud & group.jpg

JJ Maud Helen & Pat

JJ Maud Helen & Pat.jpg

JJ Mills CBE

JJ Mills CBE.jpg

Mabs Bianconi 1922

Mabs Bianconi 1922.jpg

Malta 1920

Malta 1920.jpg

Maud & group

Maud & group.jpg

Maud Mills Gib 1915

Maud Mills Gib 1915.jpg

Maud Tennis a

Maud Tennis a.jpg

Maud Tennis b

Maud Tennis b.jpg

Meriel Forbes- Robertson

Meriel Forbes- Robertson.jpg

Pat & Maud

Pat & Maud.jpg

Pat Maud & Helen

Pat Maud & Helen.jpg

Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy.jpg

Pat Murphy & Unknown

Pat Murphy & Unknown.jpg

Sean George Sherwood & Jacqeline

Sean George Sherwood & Jacqeline.jpg

The Bungalow (poss Woolwich)

The Bungalow (poss Woolwich).jpg



Unknown group

Unknown group.jpg

Vivian Hayes (George) Mills

Vivian Hayes (George) Mills.jpg